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Troubleshooting Mirroring: Send/Receive Ack Time exceeded threshold

by Snehashish Ghosh

In this environment “Send/Receive Ack Time” threshold has been setup using the database mirroring monitor and alert is generated using SQL Agent.

What is Send/Receive Ack Time?

Milliseconds that messages waited for acknowledgement from the partner, in the last second.This counter is helpful in troubleshooting a problem that might be caused by a network bottleneck, such as unexplained failovers, a large send queue, or high transaction latency. 

In such cases, we can analyse the value of this counter to determine whether the network is causing the problem.


As Books Online mentions, “Send/Receive Ack Time” can be used to measure network latency between the principal and mirror servers.

This counter is useful when trying to dete...

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