How to set thresholds for metrics listed in All Metrics Page

by Snehashish Ghosh


 Set warning and alert threshold for some of the Metrics listed in Oracle Enterprise Manager All Metrics Page. The warning and alert thresholds for these metrics have not been set by default so oem is not generating receiving any alert email,pager for those metrics.









 Enterprise Manager


While trying to set the threshold for certain metrics in oem I discovered that there is difference between

No. of Metrics i.e Metrics shown in OEM Home Page-> Related Links-> All Metrics 


No. of Metrics i.e Metrics shown in OEM Home Page-> Related Links-> Metric and Policy Settings 





The obvious reason is All Metrics cannot have threshold values set due to logical reason such as the Metrics are not generic enough to  be assigned a threshold that will cater to requirement for all kind of Large, Medium,Small Data Center Setup.

One such Metrics is Page Fault , in some infrastructure scenario Page Fault of > 5000 may not pose any threat, however it might cause issue in many small infrastructure.

However these metrics are displayed on the ‘All Metrics’ page with ‘Not Set’ or ‘Not Applicable’ as the value in the Thresholds column.

So for System Defined Metrics we cannot set the thresholds manually for All Metrics as shown in All Metrics Page unless it is listed in Metrics and Policy Settings Page by default. The purpose of such metrics  non-threshold able metrics is displaying data in the Enterprise Manager interface.These Metrics are not developed for the purposes of raising alerts.

What happens if such a non threshold able Metrics is required to be part of OEM ALERT framework in a Data Center due to reported outage caused by the metrics.

To make a non threshold able metrics  threshold able one need to raise an SR with Oracle Support to request an enhancement to make the required metrics threshold able.


All Metrics are not developed to raise alert when warning or alert scenario occurs. Those metrics which can’t raise alert can be identified from All Metrics page if the value is set as ‘Not Applicable’ or ‘Not Set’ and  not listed in Metrics and Policy Settings page.

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