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Oracle Golden Gate Incremental Refresh between source and target database / schema

by Snehashish Ghosh


 After doing initial data loading into the source and target schema/database it is required to configure Oracle Golden Gate so that source schema/database is automatically remains in sync with target schema/database.


 Configure Extract Process on the Source System

 1.     Add Supplemental log data

Adding supplemental log data will ensure that the primary key columns are also captured by the extract process along with the changed columns for the rows.

GGSCI (WIN1) 1> dblogin userid ggate


Successfully logged into database.

GGSCI (win1) 2> add trandata sender.tcustmer

GGSCI(win1) 3> add trandata sender.tcustord

2.     Add Extract checkpoint in oracle redo log

GGSCI (WIN1) 5> add extract extsend, tranlog, begin now

EXTRACT added.


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